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Default Re: 9800GTX or GTX280

Originally Posted by meddilion View Post

GTX 280 has more shaders, texture units, memory and rops along with a slightly wider bus.

The increase however is not that huge and a nicely overclocked GTX 260 can hang with a stock 280 as I mentioned before.

However once you overclock the 280 it will again pull away some from the 260.

Great review I bookmarked it.

I agree that the 260 is the way to go. And to think the price may dip below $200 soon!

Nobody should get a 9800GX2 when a 260 is cheaper AND you OC it!

My excuse for having bought the 9800GX2 is having done so out of desperation. (8800GTX broke and i wanted to avoid jonesing for video games. )

But I'm stuck with a 280 I guess. (I'd been saving for two years and had the extra $200 in the budget. )

Maybe I can upgrade the 280 I ordered to a 55nm 280 in less than 100 days. *fingers crossing

When I install my 280 tomorrow:

1. Before removing the 9800GX2 should I uninstall the PhysX Driver first and then the Video Driver? (Or does uninstalling the Video Driver remove both?)

2. Run DriverSweeper on safe mode?

3. Then physically remove the 9800GX2 and physically install my new 280?

(I think thats how- 1. to 3.- I did it last week when going from an 8800GTX to the 9800GX2.)

4. Any other helpful info plz?

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