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Default Re: Warhammer complaint thread

Originally Posted by Slybri View Post
They really need to nerf the XP you get in scenarios. It's killing the rest of the game. No one does PvE or PQs. The RvR lakes are empty. The keeps stay kept. Why? Because everyone is playing the scenarios. You can quest for 45 minutes to an hour, running back and forth, for about 10K xp. Or get the same amount of XP in 15 minutes plus Renown, gold, and decent loot in a scenario.
Disagree. At level 25 I can knock out 4 or 5 5K+ quests in 30 minutes. Scenarios usually yield me an average of 5K (destro usually loses on my server)for 15-20 minutes of playing time. Factor in the long queue times (we gave up on Tor Anroc until the ridiculous KB issues are addressed) and they really don't yield a lot of XP.

I play scenarios because they are fun, even though destro loses almost every one.
Public quests are a silly grind for mostly mediocre gear ( I do travel to all 3 zones to see if the PQ rewards are worth it). RVR is fairly rare, even in my fairly large guild. Due to the nature of keep defenses it's very hard to take one from a determined defender.

Again, just my experience on my server. YMMV.

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