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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey silly

Pretty much yep thats with the modded swell set DX9

ive tweaked the FSWC profile a little more so here it is as it was in the above and the following shots

download and drop it in your FSWC\Profiles folder

Dont forget im using a custom no burnt in/no wave textures on my water colour tones set for my water,i'll be releasing it soon minus the coral sets(still working on those as im finding it hard to source textures for coral that FS doesnt blur to **** once in sim i might have to hand make some in photoshop with various filters)

Cant wait for FSWC+ once thats out you'll beable to slow the wave speed of these normals down & i can say goodbye to ACES silly silver moon lighting in DX10 on my water whoot

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