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Default Re: Disable audio over hdmi?

I just ran into this exact same problem... for an hour or so I thought my TV had fried its analog audio input. Here's a CC of the email I sent to

I have a Linux box with an integrated GeForce 7050PV that I use as a
media center device. It's connected to my Samsung DLP TV, using HDMI
for video, and analog for audio.

For the past year, everything's been working fine.

However, today I tried upgrading to version 177.80 of the nvidia
driver, and the analog audio on my TV stopped working.

From what I can tell, this latest driver sends a (blank) audio signal
over the HDMI connection, which causes my TV to ignore its analog

To prove my case, I left analog audio playing through my Linux box,
while physically moving the video input from the Linux box to a
MacBook Pro. When the video cable is connected to the DVI port of a
MacBook Pro, I can hear audio. When I move the cable back to the HDMI
port on my Linux box, I see video, but the audio drops out.

I think the nvidia driver should either:

1. Allow apps to send digital audio through the HDMI connection (this
is probably difficult.)
2. Allow HDMI audio to be completely disabled, as in previous versions
of the driver.

But this current in-between state of sending a null audio signal is
*bad*, and makes nvidia cards useless for most home theater PC

(note: I found an option in my BIOS for disabling HDMI audio, but it
had no effect)
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