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All of you have been extremely helpful and I really appreciate it. My friend coaxed me (pestered me, more like it) to just spring for the Ti4600 and be done with it.

He reasoned that the NV30 won't most likely be out untill Feb./March and then it would be about 4-6 months for the price to come down to a reasonable amount. That's almost a year from now and this 8500 is really starting to bug me. (We're just guessing on the figures, BTW)

It's not that the 8500 doesn't work. It runs great. It's the fact that when a new driver set is released (not the betas) it fixes 99% of the troubles with the previous set. Now this normally would be a good thing but when half of your games are fixed with the new drivers, the other half are usually unplayable. So really it comes down to "Do I want to play Medal of Honor or Neverwinters Nights today?"

The above mentioned friend has a Visiontek (bought long before they went under) Ti4600 and I noticed a considerable difference in compatiblity in gaming between his card and mine.

The Chaintech 4600 is the lowest price and some folks I've talked to online say there isn't a difference between the Chaintech version and other brands. I'm not too worried about any bundled software (God knows I've got enough)

One question though. Do they all have the 2.8ns ram or do some run higher/lower?

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