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Personally i'm still finding it pretty interesting but thats probably cause i took a fairly long break from it while i moved house and got all my s**t sorted. Admittedly the levelling can get tedious but its the same with every mmo, and warhammer at least gives you the option to RvR for levels which imho is a welcome inclusion.

I did find it kinda boring and unappealing at first until i found a class i enjoyed and im hoping it keeps my interest as well as others, if only to give blizzard some cause for concern so they put some more work into their pvp system
See I found a class I enjoyed but since "we" decided to switch to order there are no classes I like on that side. I wanted a high dmg melee dps class but the only one is the Witch Hunter which is LAME. I want a rogue like class for the Order.

Im going back to WoW again... (It's the only MMO I can play right now unless AOC rises from the ashes).
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