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Default Re: Warhammer complaint thread

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
I tried the Witch Hunter class and they were so meh, they just didn't feel like they did much damage in comparison. They took far longer to kill someone then the Witch Elf did. I made a Swordmaster and they also just don't do much dmg, they are a melee class but are more like a Tank Lite then anything else. They should be changed to a DPS class, they play alot like the Hunters in WoW but in Melee form...
Well I guess it all depends on who you go after, I hear the same complaints from my friends who play Disciples of whatever hehe. Basically their issue is that all the ranged classes make it very hard for them to get to people they can actually kill without fighting them for five years (read tanks).

As a Squig Herder the only time I ever waste DPS on a tank is when they run into a pack and I can get a ranged AE going, or when they have a flag/bauble/shipwreck part and have no heals in sight. I do however see WH go after our Black Orcs all the time and of course then I can plink away at those silly WH who expose themselves on our front lines like that.
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