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Default Re: 9800GTX or GTX280

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
Go with the GTX 280 ,the 9800GX2 my be faster in some games ,but the GTX 280 have more vram and you get better min FPS with a GTX 280 and the GTX 280 just looks better,I ran two 9800GTX in SLI for over a month and when I put my BFG GTX 280 OCX back in ,it just ran better,and looked better.
Yep and ty John19055,
Mostly due to my luv of 16QA and the short experience (last 7 days) of going from an 8800GTX to a 9800GX2, I'm anti SLI, CF, and Multi GPUs.

And THANKS to NVNEWS Dot Net and the fact I was already signed up (2006) made it was possible to quickly reeducate myself about the GTX280, SLI, and Multi GPUs and all the pros and cons.

The GTX20 will be better than TWO 9800GTX's or one 9800GX2. Mostly because of things like the minimum FPS being much higher. And that is a big advantage because the average FPS is so much more constant; thus improving the experience enormously as a result of no longer havening the FPS noticeably getting slower and faster. And for older games, what was happening in BF2 is that the game was using less than half the card and performing worse than an 8800GTX card. (A card that is TWO freakin' years older!)
So, the GTX280 should be 33% to 60% faster than my 8800GTX was in ALL games. w00t!

Plus don't forget the picture quality is better with a GTX280 along with the lack of or practically no stu-stu-stu-tut-tut-tu-tering! lol

I want games (gfx) to look real as can be. Rambos can have the 9800GX2 and stat their pads away. (jk dont hurt me

GTX280 will be here in less than six hours.
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