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Default Questions about RGB Dynamic Range

I am planning on buying a LCD TV to hook up to my Geforce 8800 GTS 640 via DVI->HDMI. I have been reading about different TVs and found out that some support both RGB full dynamic range (PC levels) and limited dynamic range (Video levels) while some only support limited. With movies you can choose between full (0-255) or limited (16-245) in the nvidia drivers but desktop and games always use full so I want to get a TV that support full RGB.

But now I have also read that you donít need to use RGB with HDMI. On some cards there is also an option to use YCbCr 444 instead. Does my card support that mode? If I choose YCbCr 444 instead of RGB, does that mean that both the desktop and movies will use video black levels so that I donít need to find a TV that supports RGB Full? I am really confused about this and the guys at the electronics shop donít know what I am talking about. Help really appreciated.
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