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Default Re: X58 Motherboards Previews

Originally Posted by mythy View Post
I honestly can't see the benifites from upgrading if you already have a highly clocked Quad rig. So far all indications are pointing towards a slight performance increase in daily tasks and nothing in gaming so why the hype? are we all talking about e penis rep or a simple need to speed insane amounts of cash for the sake of upgrading?
Most previews talk about 20% to 40% performance increase in applications other than gaming, how can that be called "slight performance increase". Actualy if true I would call it significant performance increase.

Just because you're not ready to upgrade there is no need to attack others who are, with dumb talk about e-penis.

I definitely need upgrade badly. Does it mean if I spend more money on latest hardware, it's all about e penis?

I'm sure most people have pretty valid reason for upgrading when they do (even if they have "Quad rig") and for many it might not mean "insane amounts of cash", like it does to you.

Others are not ready for upgrading, nothing wrong with that but there is no reason to attack people who are ready to upgrade with dumb talk about e penis
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