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Default Re: X58 Motherboards Previews

Originally Posted by mythy View Post
The increases are compared to a stock clock not a 1GHz OC'ed Q6600. All benches so far show next to 0% increase in performance. We need to see how well i7 OC's before we can determine if its worth any thing compared to our over clocked rigs. For every one out there thats not capable of a decent OC then yea it will be worth it.
Strange comparison, like Core i7 wont OC or people getting the i7 have no idea about overclocking.
That's why all the preview benchmarks compare the Core i7 and Core 2 Quad at same clock.

If you like to compare otherwise here is what AnanTech said in one of the early preview
At 2.66GHz, Nehalem is already faster than the fastest 3.2GHz Penryns on the market today. This thing is fast and this is on a very early platform, keep in mind that Nehalem doesn't launch until Q4 of this year.
Plus Core i7 version of Nehalem is not all about clock speed. It's about.
QuickPath Interconnect
Integrated Memory Controller (IMC)
Triple-channel DDR3 memory
Hyper-Threading (4cores 8 threads)
4.2 version of Intel's SSE
Turbo Mode and much more.

I'm not going to describe all the above but if you don't know yet here are some articles to read or Google for many more.
Stop The Meter On Your Internet Use

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