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Default Re: X58 Motherboards Previews

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
You can, of course.

Sorry you are mistaken you CAN NOT OC most i7 CPUs you will need to purchase the extreme high ends for it.

We get to know that Intel will change overclock policy when LGA1366 and LGA1160 to replace LGA775 and then Intel just allow high-end quad core Bloomfield to overclock.

Nehalem products include high-end Bloomfield (core quad, LGA1366), mid-end Lynnfield (core quad, LGA1160) and low-end Havendale (core 2 duo, LGA1160).

It is said that Intel wont limit Bloomfield to overclock but Lynnfieed and Havendale will be banned.

Nehalem family will be integrated most functions of current Northbridge chipset and Intel maybe to change something such as BIOS visit, FSB control, etc.

We dont know why Intel did this and we also wonder if Intel will change their mind. It is possible that overclock will be only belonging to high-end gamers while the mid-end and low-end users just can ran at the default clocks.

There are many reports of Bloomfeild not OCing worth a damn out there as well!

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