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Default Segmentation fault with Linux binaries (FC8)

Some of us are running into an issue with the 173.14.12 driver, current Linux emulation code in FreeBSD 7 and 8, Fedora Core 8 libraries and games like Unreal Tournament and Serious Sam. Unfortunately, it cannot be easily determined what is causing the problem. Switching back to FC4 libraries does not result in a segmentation fault. It could be that the Linux emulation has advanced farther and is tripping a limitation it never hit before. Here is a link with a ktrace and a question about a specific ioctl:

The ioctl mentioned in the link:
0xc040464d = _IOWR('F', 77, xxxxx), aka FrameBuffer which never supported in linuxulator (as far as I understand)
Another question I have is that is see an open of /dev/nvidia0 but the follow ioctl reuses the file descriptor from the open of /dev/nvidiactl. which is 0x32 versus 0x33. I am not sure if this is important or not. Bug in the Linux libGL library?
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