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Default Re: WoW - Echoes of Doom

Originally Posted by KasuCode View Post
Clearly you must have not played thru the first xpac. Everyone is buffed and things go crazy to get ready to balance back out with the increase of 10 more levels and new skills not to mention gear.

I feel sorry for you for basing enjoying a game off a few post on a hardware site.

Clearly I did becasue TBC sucked. Everyone is buffed? Sounds like everyone is buffed with all the classes having nearly all the same skills. Joy for a 2-3 shot slughter fest. Might as well just make a single class that does it all. Wait, that's where they're at.

btw, I can base my opinion on years and years of playing the game. Forums and previews just reconfirm why I stopped playing.
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