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Default Re: X58 Motherboards Previews

Originally Posted by mythy View Post
I skimmed it I didn't see no mention as to what core they used I'm going to assume the bloomfeild that intels promoting as the OCing CPU while the others remain locked We all know that out of the 3 cores 2 are suposidly locked while only the high end uber $$$ Bloomfeild remains OC able. Has this changed?
Were you born a tool or were you involved in some sort of accident that made you this way?

The only CPUs Intel are releasing in the near future are Bloomfields so why are you even talking about anything else? All the boards in this thread are for Bloomfields.

These mainstream processors you are talking about are called Lynnfield, they won't be released for nearly 9 months and are not even the same socket (LGA1156) as these Bloomfields (LGA1366). They probably won't even be called Core i7. By the time they come out we will probably be nearing the release of Bloomfield's successor, Westmere.

If you want to buy a Nehalem CPU for your desktop then your only realistic option until Q3/4 09 is going to be Bloomfield. Yes they are meant to the slightly higher end, but they aren't these uber-clocking variants you're talking about. Only the top of the line Bloomfield will be an Extreme Edition CPU. What that specifically means for this range of CPUs we are yet to find out.
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