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Default Re: How much have you spent on vid cards since PC gaming?

Originally Posted by Mike89 View Post
I have to get a pencil and paper out myself to answer this question. I think I will get a headache when I see the figure since I have been gaming since the i740. I'm almost afraid to do it, heh heh.
Cards I have bought over the last 10 years

TNT-175+tax still have
2x V2s-300+tax lost one, still have another
TNT2U-200+tax still have
GF256SE-150 broken
GF2GTS(Hercules version)-275 in bro-in-laws machine
GF3 Deluxe (Asus)-100 still have
GF4 Ti4600 (VisionTek)-100 still have
GF 5900XT(flashed to 5950)-275 still have
ATI 9600XT-120 still have
3x GF 6600GTOCs(BFG)150+tax gave 1 to friend, sold one still have 1
GF 6800GTOC(BFG)250+tax still have
GF6800GSOC(BFG)150+tax brother has in daughters box
GF7800GSOC(BFG)200+tax friend has
XFX Fat1lity 8600GT-80 still have
eVGA 8600GT-90+tax still have
3x 8800GTSOC 640MB(BFG)-1050+tax 1 for brother, 2 for me, still have 1, sold other)
9600GTOC(BFG)229+tax still have
2x XFX XXX 9600GTs-400 still have
GTX260OC(BFG)-329+tax still have

Total-3279.15/tax all together-4779.15

Add about another 3000 for mobos, ram, sound cards, cases and PSUs

Out of all of those card, I still have most of them or know where they are being used and all still work except the GF256SE card.
eVGA 780i SLi AR
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