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Originally posted by Feanor
There was one black screen prob I've occasionally had with my new system setup (got in Feb) which SP1 did not help with... Can't say if this is a winXP Pro or an nForce driver prob though... (It just happened again when I installed SP1 then went to bed, well when I was asleep and the comp was unattended.)

The only new things (most stuff ported from older system) are

- Asus A7N266-E (nForce 420D chipset) - Feb 2002
- Athlon XP 1900+ - Feb 2002 (replaced an Athlon Tbird 1 GHz)
- Corsair XMS-2400 CAS 2.0 (2x 256 MB DIMMs) - Feb 2002
- Visiontek GF3 Ti500 - Nov 2001
- XP retail (had previous beta and RC versions before) when it came out

Beats the hell out of me...when it black screens, it just freezes and won't even ctrl + alt + del or anything... This randomly happens about every 1-2 months since I've had it set up...
I've had the same problem, but only since installing SP1. I just uninstalled SP1, and had the same problem, so maybe it's something in the 40.41's???
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