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Default Re: Suggestion for "hiding" the testing forum

Originally Posted by Monolyth View Post
What you call "spam" in the testing forum is good times for some of us, would you prefer we moved our posts to P&R, Open, Sports, Linux! I didn't think so, we already do our part to ensure that topics don't get too heated with our lighthearted funnies. Besides would you rather see 25 new posts or 2?

I challenge you to find a forum where people can connect on a completely humorous level and find comedic joy in the simplest of forms without the rigmarole of maintaining/defending your various social/lifestyle affiliations.
I agree. I would rather have one section where crainger and crackhead meth is fapping off in the corner somewhere, instead of a massive amount of spammage all over.

I do tell people to edit their posts and limit some of crap, so it's not as bad as it could be.
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