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Question Hotkey Switching of Display Devices

I'm setting up my Compal HGL30 laptop for use in presentations.

It has a Geforce Go 7600, and what I'd like to do is set it up with hotkey switching, so that I can just press a key, and get the same picture on the projector. The system is now running driver version 169.12, it is a Ubuntu Hardy system. If I remember correctly, Twinview and hotkey switching used to be mutually exclusive options, but from the current documentation it seems to use TwinView.

However, the typical TwinView use case, with one big screen, is not want I want. I want to see the same thing on my screen as my audience sees on the projector, and I want to be able to turn it on without restarting X. The projector I use now has a resolution of 1024x768, so I think I'll start out with getting that to work. The documentation is a bit terse for me, has anybody got this working, and is able to share a xorg config?
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