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But that chat was over a month ago and i've seen nothing from Nvidia since. This is alarming given:

a) The number of people who recognise the problem and are reporting it here and at eVGA.
b) The simple repro cases people have posted here (Blinky especially).
c) Nvidia have seen the problem and have an affected setup.

Given that I was able to rid myself of the flicker by switching to a completely digital setup ( DVI-D to LCD ), my suspicion is that the fault lies outside the GPU and is a problem with the card itself. So given Nvidias silence I suspect the problem is more significant than I originally feared.

Given the price on these parts, I am amazed that Nvidia haven't provided any feedback or an explanation let alone a fix in over a month. If they don't get their finger out, I can only imagine that they have decided to tough it out and hope that the problem will go away...
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