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Default Re: Geforce Go 7950 GTX stability problems

I have a GeForce Go 7900 GS on a Toshiba laptop. I installed Ubuntu in April this year. It seemed fine, some random freezes but nothing I couldn't live with. Later some display anomalies appeared but went away after a while. But last month, I had to uninstall the nVidia drivers because it was getting worse. Last week, even with the drivers uninstalled, the computer froze completely almost instantly after the login. Thanks to the Ubuntu Forums I was able to rule out any RAM, CPU and respective ventilation problems. After formatting with XP (and it working correctly), I tried the Live CD but it had the same problems as the original one. Out of the blue, without any significant change, I was able to install Ubuntu successfully again. But every time I install any nVidia driver (being from the nVidia site or from the Ubuntu repositories), the same BIOS messed up screen, GRUB Loader with strange characters and almost instant complete freeze show up again, like the original problem.
Now, I have an up to date BIOS and Kernel version and I found this topic that seems to address a solution to the Series of my graphic card (as well to the mobile factor). From what I understood, that solution was never applied in a global scale so it's probable that today's up-to-date drivers don't solve this particular issue. But it raises a couple of questions to me, if someone has the time to enlighten me in this issue I would be very grateful.
How do I put in practise that solution? (Please be patient and as descriptive as possible since I'm a bit clueless about this.)
Is there any risk in using that solution since it is from 2006 and there have been changes in the nVidia drivers and in the Linux kernels?
Thanks in advance.
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