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Default Re: HDMI-DVI converted output to DVI display not working with 177.*

Originally Posted by sn4ip3r View Post
On my HP 8510w laptop the HDMI output through HDMI-DVI converter to a DVI display stopped working with 177.* (tested 177.13, 177.78 and some versions in between), works fine with 173.14.12 and previous versions.

The intersting thing is that the display gets properly recognized even though with 177.* I get not only DFP-0 (the laptop main display) and DFP-2 (single-link) but also DFP-1 (dual-link). Both DFP-1 and DFP-2 identify themselves as the display that is connected to the HDMI port but neither when activated is able to make that display do anything.
I have the same laptop with (almost) exactly the same problem. Instead of a HDMI-DVI converter I use a HDMI television. This also gets detected as two screens (DFP-1 and DFP-2), and it also doesn't work when I enable either one of them. Has anybody found a solution for this problem?
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