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Question Multi card acceleration

We have two redhat 7.3 machines with more than two heads. The newest has a Quadro 4 400NVS which seems to behave like two
cards. It has two PCI addresses.

I have configured XF86Config-4 to be similar
to the "BothTwinView" ServerLayout in the samples however screens 3 and 4 are part of another desktop (ie not :0.0).

I can enable xinerama which then makes all four screens part of the gnome desktop, however 3d acceleration only works on the first two screens. opengl windows in screens 3 and 4 are grey although everything else works.

Does nvidia really support more than two screens now? The linux page says they support 16 screens, but do they support opengl on them all?

Has anyone got more than two screens to work without enabling xfree86's xinerama?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are looking at purchasing a large number of these setups but we need them to work properly.


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