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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Any of you guy's looking forward to "Storm of War: Battle of Britain" by Oleg Maddox?

I dig FSX, but I can only fly around so much without becoming bored. I always have to create a scenario to hold my interest.

BOB should have some incredible visuals, and also the added bonus of having things to do with your airframe.

In IL2 I had some old period news radio tracks that played in the background. A nice mix of vintage war news and old tunes. It added nicely to the immersion factor.

We used to do online scenarios where each side had one or two bombers and a compliment of fighters. Both sides would start on their respective field and would scramble towards their targets.

The strategy itself was fun, trying to decide who to leave defending your rear echellon, who will escort the heavies, and who to task offensively against the other teams bombers. Man, that was a blast. It would be cool to get a large scale mission going with a bunch of nvidiots.

The smell of 150 octane, the sound of your Merlin. The feeling of excitement when you hear the scramble and slide your canopy shut. The quickening of your pulse when you see the enemy's bombers, the frantic adrenaline of hearing a fellow nvidiot calling a bandit on his six as you break to save his ass. I think I'm giving myself a woody.
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