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Originally posted by saturnotaku
Wrong. Click here for links to the press releases from Western Digithell. Both them and Seagate have joined the 1 year bandwagon.
No sir, the WD Caviar Special Edition drives will still have a 3 year warranty.
Concurrent with the expansion of its Special Edition product offerings, the Company has adopted a new warranty policy effective October 1, 2002. WD Caviar Special Edition hard drives are covered under warranty for a three-year period. Consistent with the current PC industry standard, all other Western Digital products will be covered under a standard warranty for a period of one year. Extended warranties will be available for an additional fee via the Company's Web site at

I wonder if drives bought before Oct. 1 will still have 3 year warranties. Guess I'd better hand on to my receipt if I have a problem.
I would believe so.

But for reliability, so far I can't recommend Seagate highly enough. I've put my 80 gig drive through hell and back since I bought it and it's still going strong.

I will never, ever put another WD hard drive in my computer again. Among my friends and I we've had at least 4 WD drive failures within a 6 month period (myself having 3 of them).
Hey man as long as its not an IBM Deathstar.
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