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Default Re: GTX260 Startup Issue

Originally Posted by Hybr1d View Post
Recently bought a few new parts for my rig and built them all in. Mobo CPU and RAM were fine and work with my old gfx card, but when i put in my new gtx260, i just get that bios warning bep, 1 long beep followed by 3 shorter beeps.

Do both 6 pin power plugs have to be in for it to function at all, i'd heard somewhere it would still work with just 1 plugged in but not to full capacity.

Also if it does need two, can they be from adaptors, ie 2 4-pin molex connections to 1 6-pin, or should i buy a new psu, since mine doesnt have a single 6-pin on it at all
You need both plugs. I tried it with only one on my BFG, and the box would POST but no video would be output.

BFG provided me with an adapter to make two Molex plugs into the other necessary PCI-E 16 connectors. It's been working like a charm.
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