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Default Re: I wana play WoW!

Originally Posted by Odral View Post
Well if you're willing to trasnfer to a PVE server (Madoran) I would be happy to invite you into my guild . We are Alliance and raid quite a bit we are all looking forward to Lich King.

Little bit about us... we are very laid back good group of folks...most of us have full time jobs, married, kids you know work 8-5 and we usually raid in the evenings like around 8pm Pacific time. We are currently almost clear with BT and just messing around right now. Our guild has like 150 members. I would be more then happy to invite you into our guild (Khaos) on Madoran!

our website...
Bah, PVE!

Good offer though, relaxed guild that actively plays is temping.
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