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Default Re: Official Unofficial OSX on your non-Apple hardware thread

Originally Posted by mythy View Post
Well, I would not ever bother downloading cracked pseudo-x64 OS X, as it is clearly inferior to Vista x64, but there would be no loss at all to Apple if I did. Apple does not sell OS X for Dell, HP and/or Acer PCs, they sell and restrict it only to Apple PCs. Thus downloading and toying with their software on (e.g.) Dell PC cannot make them any (financial) harm, as I cannot even officially buy it.

Pirates do make harm to (e.g.) Microsoft relasing cracked versions of Vista, as you can buy Vista for any PC currently being sold. They make no (direct) harm to Apple though. You cannot even buy Apple computer without OS X. And you cannot buy non-Apple computer with OS X.

Microsoft is loosing US$150 on each cracked Vista, but Apple is loosing exactly US$ 0 on each cracked OS X running on non-Apple HW. US$ 0 loss = freeware (not legally, but for practical purposes). It is Apple problem they restrict OS X by severe DRM only to their overpriced PCs with 2 USB ports, no eSATA and no HDMI port.
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