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Default Re: I wana play WoW!

I renewed my account today(what a hasstle, account managment is broken). I played for about 20 minutes and was bored.

I'll say some of the new talents are cool and the graphics are a bit updated but it's just meh. Acheivenment thing seemed coo but it's 4 years to late.

I was hoping I'd have a renewed interest in it but I just don't think I canget back in it.

Part of it may have to do with selling my first account with my mage and rogue. My second account I went with a hunter and druid and I cannot stand either class. On the same token, i cannot lvl another toon from scratch so that leaves me with probably not playing.

As far as the xp boost. Is it even more then what they were doing from a couple patches ago? My friend was telling me that it was like 300% for the first month with only new accounts?
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