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Default Re: I wana play WoW!

I'm on a PvP server Garithos. It's nice. It has a relatively low population so you're not getting ganked left and right, but there is enough people that you gotta be on your toes. Lvl 70 is a breeze with the nerfed XP rates. Just read James Alliance leveling guide. I got from 1 - 70 in literally 7 days of total playtime.

I play pretty sporadically depending on my schedule. And I mainly play PvP. I'm on the battlegrounds right now trying to get some better PvP epics then I want to do arena. My plan is just to play maybe 5 - 10 hours a week doing arena and battlegrounds.

I'm in a good guild that does a lot of high end raiding, but they're real cool. I haven't been on a raid yet, and they just let me PvP with them, and it's a blast. They don't hassel me or anything.
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