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Unhappy GTX280 Starts but Hard Locks During Games!

Bought my Asus GTX280 Last week, bought a new PSU to power it but I am having after-install issues. It booted just fine, I got into Windows, reinstalled the display drivers, used driver sweeper of course, and put on Far Cry 2. Not even 3 mins into the game the PC just hard-locks the Screen is frozen and the only way to restart is powering the machine off. Tried some other games like Crysis Warhead, Oblivion etc, same thing, gets a few mins into the game everything is running smooth and the screen hard-locks again!

I even replaced the GTX280 because I thaught that was the issue, obviously not, still doing it! Both 6 and 8 pin connectors are installed, fan seems to be operating normally, this doesn't make sense! If I put my old 8800GTS in the problem go's away! (hence the reason I thaught it was my GTX280 causing the issues, obviously not!.

Please before I go get a refund or sell my new GTX280 can someone please help me find out what is going wrong? Is it a software thing?

It isn't heat related btw I don't believe, I installed the Asus Smartdoctor software and it is reporting that the GPU is at 48 Celsius degree's while Idle, I can't see it warming up 60 degrees while ingame?

The rest of my specs are in my sig! (and yes I have the latest Motherboard drivers installed)

Any ideas what is causing it to Hard-Lock?

Processor: Intel Core2 E8500 (@3.30 gighz)
Video Card: Asus Nvidia EN-GTX280
Motherboard: Gigabyte EX38-DQ6
RAM: 4 Gig of Corsair DDR2 1066 Dominator Ram with fans
Harddisk(s) 1 X WD SATAII 500 Gig, 1 X SEAGATE SATAII 500Gig
PSU: 850W Super-flower PSU 66A on 12V Rails, Blue LED
Display: ASUS 222N 22 INCH 2ms WIDESCREEN (1680X1050)
CPU Cooler: Zalman CNPS9500 LED
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