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Default Re: I wana play WoW!

Well since I have the month renewed I'm gonna reroll since I hate my 2 mains with a passion.

Help me decide. I have both mage and a rogue at lvl 33. What route shold I go?

I love the mage probably the most but what worries me is I see lvl 70's running around with 7K health :/. I mean last night I finally spec'ed out my druid boomkin and he starfired once for 4600 on a lvl 71 mob. WTF! So I'd imagine mages get 2 shotted left and right. Especailly with all of the CC. I mean I had a pally and rogue approach me and they slaughtered me fast. I never once was not stunned during it.

This is what I hate about wows pvp. it's just skilless for the most part. 5 second fights that end in 2-4 shots. Every class with nearly all the same moves, just packaged different.

Man I wish War wasn't missing that something

btw, I'm a Ereder with about 5 RL friends. Been on that server since it released that first December the game came out.
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