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Question Re: GTX280 Starts but Hard Locks During Games!

Originally Posted by lee63 View Post
Try setting you CPU back to default speeds and see what happens, even though its a small OC Farcry 2 is pretty heavy on the CPU. If your GPU is OCed it wont like that either.

Yeah tried doing that, put all speeds back to stock, same thing happened? I also tried the card with a few other games, did the same thing in those too? Trying to figure out if it is a software issue, really don't want to reinstall Windows or anything like that though! It's really weird though, I can browse the internet, watch DVD's, all fine but put a game in and WHAM hard-lock!

Not sure what else to try?
Processor: Intel Core2 E8500 (@3.30 gighz)
Video Card: Asus Nvidia EN-GTX280
Motherboard: Gigabyte EX38-DQ6
RAM: 4 Gig of Corsair DDR2 1066 Dominator Ram with fans
Harddisk(s) 1 X WD SATAII 500 Gig, 1 X SEAGATE SATAII 500Gig
PSU: 850W Super-flower PSU 66A on 12V Rails, Blue LED
Display: ASUS 222N 22 INCH 2ms WIDESCREEN (1680X1050)
CPU Cooler: Zalman CNPS9500 LED
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