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Default Re: Thoughts on Supersampling

Originally Posted by XxDeadlyxX View Post
I'm always reading reviews showing that SLI is only utilised to its fullest at 2560x1600... people like jAkUP and me who have SLI systems but only Dell 24" monitors, you'd think we're missing out?

So it makes you think what's the solution to getting older games in particular to utilise SLI to the max in cases where SLI doesnt improve performance at all? For me the best solution seems to be to use SS 2x2 (or 3x3 if it can handle it) using nHancer... effectively blowing up my 1920x1200 resolution to 3840x2400.

Does everyone agree this is the best way to use SLI? Seems to be for me.

Especially in games like UT3 where forcing normal AA doesn't really work properly... 2x2 SSAA gives me really good results and awesome PQ in UT3

Anyone else with SLI use SSAA for everything that can handle it? Seems to me to be the ideal solution.
It depends upon what you are doing. If you can run extra eye candy and be happy with performance then by all means go for it.

Here is my logic with SLI. You don't always have to have the cards loaded down. As long as you have good fps, say 60fps average it is better to leave a little room for times when the game becomes even more intense. This helps smooth out gameplay because the SLI setup will be able to handle the extra work where a single gpu would already be running at 100%. If your not even touching the second card then by all means turn on more options to increase LOD.
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