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Default Re: HDMI-DVI converted output to DVI display not working with 177.*

The segfault of nvidia-settings is probably caused by my xorg.conf, my xorg.conf doesn't contain much information since ubuntu 8.10 lets xorg autodetect most things. Since I'm using my laptop on several locations with different hardware attached I would like to keep the configuration minimal.

Furthermore I would really like to use the 177 drivers since they are supposed to support audio over HDMI (at least, that's what I've read). So, although downgrading with 173 and dropping my minimal xorg.conf would enable me to use video over HDMI again it isn't a ideal solution, in fact (although it hurts to say this) since I already have working hdmi audio under windows, rebooting to windows to watch videos is a better solution that using 173 at the moment . If 177 would allow me to enable HDMI properly this wouldn't be necessary and I could leave my windows partition to its intended task of collecting dust . So a solution for the 177 series is very welcome.
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