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Default GTX 280 and Power Connection

I just ordered a 280 and have a couple of questions about the current draw for the 8-pin and 6-pin connections on the card. The XPS 710 Red (1000W PSU) has four 6-pin connectors. The are as such: P3 is 6A, P4 is 6A, P15 is 10A, and P16 is 10A. Now to get the 8-pin power, I plan to use the Y-adapter that comes with the card to connect two 6-pins for one 8-pin.

The question I have is what is the current draw for both the 8-pin and 6-pin connections on the card? My plan is to use cables P15 and P16 for the 8-pin connection. My hopes in doing this is to evenly split the current draw on these to cables.

Does this sound reasonable? Or would it matter if I just use say P4 and P15 for this?

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