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Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
It's enjoyable but I can see their point. A few of my friends are leveling right now and it's really slowing down their progress. I love it since I have nothing else to do but for people relatively new to the game or who are leveling new characters it is more painful than enjoyable.
Oh I had many quests disrupted from the event. I decided to join them and had a blast. The purpose it to break up the game. It is all good fun. It is like simple PVP but the zombies almost always get pwnt.

I had a pally telling me I had no skill that he was pwning me. OH yeah a T6 ret pally against a zombie. LMAO! I changed him twice out of 8 tries that I died from. Each time I changed him. I kept talking to him in "zombie" and giving him hell. He got so pissed he threatened me. I wasn't griefing him. I was attacking every one. He just wanted to kill me because I had 40 zombies on the isle. He logged off after the second infection. LOL!

I'm gonna do it all again tonight... after playing Fable II.
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