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Default Re: That's enough ATI

Originally Posted by PaiN View Post
After ~3 months with this ATI 4870(512mb) I've had enough. I'm totally unimpressed with it, maybe it is because I play at 1920x1200 and like to use AA, but it seems like its been hard to get smooth play since I've had this card. What can I say, willing buyer came up locally so I jumped at my chance to get back to an nVidia card.
I would have gone for a 280 but I've been purchasing guns and ammo like crazy and funds are short...NewEgg had a good deal on a BFG overclocked 260(216) 630/2126 which looks like a great card.
Should have it time to play FallOut 3
That was an incredibly illogical choice. You should have gotten a 1GB 4870. The HD4000s scale far better at higher resolutions with AA than the GTX200 series does. Your loss though.
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