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OK, my findings (after installing Antec truepower 550 PSU), NO MORE CLICKING SOUNDS!!!!!! I'm well chuffed so that must have been power instability, however there is still a flicker especially on Black Hawk Down and FS2004 (Vietcong has none, almost none.....)

I installed the new PSU and gave the MSI FX5900 Ultra it's own power feed.....

I really didn't believe the speil about power, but now I'm more than convinced it was partly down to that.....

Although I do still have a flicker..... 90 well spent!!!
Gigabyte KT400 (using onboard LAN)
Antec Truepower 550 PSU
AMD Athlon 2600+ XP
1gig mem DDR333
MSI Starforce Geforce FX5900 Ultra 256 VTD (current driver 52.16Whql)
2 x Maxtor 120gig HDs
Logitec MX700 mouse
Audigy 2 sound + 5.1 Surround Logitech speaker system
XP Pro + all service packs, ALL device drivers upto date etc....
and the usual..
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