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Originally posted by marqmajere
He reasoned that the NV30 won't most likely be out untill Feb./March and then it would be about 4-6 months for the price to come down to a reasonable amount. That's almost a year from now and this 8500 is really starting to bug me. (We're just guessing on the figures, BTW)
More likely, the price on the NV30 won't come down until about February/March, but it will almost certainly be available in some form in late December/early January (note that unless nVidia gets exceptionally lucky, it will be quite expensive at launch...). The official launch date for the NV30 is set to late November currently, though I don't think anybody expects cards to be available right at launch.

Personally, I'm far more excited about the possibility of an NV31 sometime next year. This would seem to be a turnaround back to the days of the GeForce2 MX where the high-end chip was released roughly six to eight months before the low-end version of the same technology. This time it may be closer to a three month delay.

All that said, I really do not think you can go wrong with getting a GeForce4 Ti 4200 very soon (Or a higher-end one, if you choose). Just don't get a Gainward one...they've been having stability problems.
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