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Default Re: EVGA trade up program - GTX 260 216 core coming.....

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Research kapt.

Completed auctions for 8800GTX cards on ebay show that the cards are getting anywhere from $150 to $250. Partially because people are not up to speed and don't know where to shop and partially because lots of ebay users are from countries where these cards are extremely expensive.

I feel kind of bad for not selling my cards on here to members but I can usually get 50% more by selling a card on ebay and its usually to someone in Europe.

I'll be very very surprised if I don't get at least $175 for this, and I'm planning on giving it a buy it now price of $200, which will probably go. I have reasonable shipping charges as well, which helps a lot.

EDIT: For some examples...

I got just under $500 for my 7950GX2 a couple weeks before the 8800GTX was released. I sold my brother's 7900GTX for around $350 at the same time.

I got $200 dollars cdn for my 8800GTX last week....they are still in demand...especially for those that have 1 or more 8800's already and are looking for an SLi setup to crank out those extra fps. The 8800GTX/Ultra is still a good card....and is in many ways superior to that poorly planned 9 series of gpu's.
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