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The QQing has been hapenning all weekend and a bit of last week. It pretty much comes down to this... at first it was a cool idea, and infact the 10 minute infection was to long to cause any kind of mayhem what so ever. When the infection dropped to 5 minutes, then things became funner. The armor damage caused by zombie death was known and so if you wanted to become a zombie, 5 minutes was enough time to de-gear and such.

Then blizz droped the ball. Around the time the infection droped to 2 minutes, zombies were also given the ability to REDUCE the timer with melee hits. This had the unfortunate side effect of instantly zombifying people who got zerged by several zombies at once (I had a prot warrior and they were doing pathetic damage, but I suddenly found myself a zombie before my health was down 3/4th). This was really a big nerf for melee who wanted to play as zombie slayers (after all whats so fun about the event if you can't choose sides?). The next ball was dropped when all but one NPC healer was removed from cities, making it hard to get cures (Player disease cures were already fairly in-effective shortly into the event. High level disease cures were actually only slightly more powerful, but pulsed 3 times over 20 seconds so after 25 seconds, the disease may still be there).

I declared the event a total loss when the timer droped to 1 minute and a single player zombie meleeing one person could zombify him in about 3 seconds which isn't enough time for most people to kill said zombie. This went totaly against blizzards idea that zombies alone were harmless, but in numbers were powerfull. It was generally possible to run ahead of zombies (they move slow but have a sprint type charge to quickly enclose distance) but most classes don't have instant cast spells to fight with so you either ran or died.

Also blizzard had actually put diseased mice all over certain areas in which guards would by nature kill and automatically infect themselves.. so running became futile, you were bound to run into an area with zombies infront of you and no guards to defend you.

In the end the only safe place was sitting on your flying mount in the air (which was more ironic, the only city you can fly in is shattra, which was the worst city because you can't cure NPCs there and due to the neutral status of the city, no combat is allowed so Players turned into zombies were blue/non-attackable and free to turn as many npcs (and other player using the AOE gas) into zombies that they wanted).

IMO it would have been fun if you could choose sides, but quickly it became obviouse the only way to fight it..was not to log on. You could go off and play in instances, or raid, but god forbid you portal to a city, most portal spots were well zerged with zombies.
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