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Default Re: Windows 7 Details Galore

I was just about to post this. Read all the articles at the bottom of the engadget article and I'm impressed. The new taskbar, system tray, window management, Media Center, networking, even for the first time in my life I can say I'm looking forward to a Media Player that opens videos in a simple mode and in preview panes. I'm not so hot on the design of the Start Menu (I actually really like the one in Vista, I was using the classic menu in XP) and couldn't give a rat's ass about Paint, and a couple of other things.

It all looks very refined, and if they are able to run it on a 1GHz netbook with 1GB RAM with all the facy stuff still functional then it must be at least fairly lean. We've all heard Microsoft's claims before but this is a new kind of spiel they are boasting about now... If they can get a fair few features in to the beta then I would surely give it a go even before the final release - and again that's the first time I've ever considered that from an MS OS.
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