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Default Red hat 7.3 kernel: 2.4.18-10 problems


A huge problem here ! When i was using kernel 2.4.18-3 I installed the nvidia drivers from TAR and it worked fine. But after i had upgraded my kernel to 2.4.18-10 and tried to start x i got the message Fail to iniatialize the NVdriver kernel module and Screens found , but none have a usable configuration.

Another problem: How do i use NVchooser ??
i used the command sh NVchooser but i got an error message :
command not found (4 times) line 315: syntax error near unexpected token 'elif' line 315: 'elif [\("$distro" = "mdk" -a "$version" -ge 82 \) ];'hen

Plz help me out here... THANKS alot
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