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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 280 or GTX 260" thread

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
I'd like to know also. I want to make sure I get my Farcry 2 game also. I just got my card this afternoon and once it was installed, I did the registration.

I am a bit disappointed with BFG. I am not sure if the card is new, the box was shrinkwrapped but a bit crushed, not a big deal might have been due to shipping, but the Static bag was ripped which might have happened when the packed it, but there were multiple yellow stickers that were holding the static bag closed and the one below the one on top was ripped before I opened it. And lastly the serial number on the box is different than the one on the card. But so far the card seems to be running fine with no issues.

Same here but not as bad as yours. I posted my concern over at rage 3d about the same issue with the bag and yellow stickers not to mention the generic looking box. Doesn't give a great first impression does it and almost feels like I just bought a generic off brand? I'd suspect that with all of these companies they recycle those step cards as new though, so I wouldn't be totally suprised. I tried to do a thorugh inspection to see if the card was finger printed up, looked at the screw places, I didn't see any visable wear marks so all seems good.. I always suspected that even with dell and there products, especially the lcds.

Yea, If I could go back I'd actually just pay a little more and get the evga again(although the 2 I tried had coil issues causes loud noises). IMO, evga just has a suberb system, great registration process, awsome warrenty, no hasstle step up, nice website with a decent forum, etc, etc.
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