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Default Re: How much have you spent on vid cards since PC gaming?

Short answer to much! I started with a Trident 3D Image 9750 which came with my first computer PackerBell 266,then I started buying 3D cards
Two Creative Voodoo 12mb in SLI- $579
Diamond Nvidia TNT 1 -$200(I Think)
Nvidia TNT2 $180 (not Sure)
Radeon 64 DDR $220
Elsa Geforce 3 $400
Geforce TI 4600 $400
Radeon 9500pro $225
Radeon 9800pro $425
Nvidia 6800Ultra $550
Radeon X800XT $400
2-nvidia 7800GT $939
Radeon X1800XT $529
2-nvidia 7900GT $575
2-nvidia 7900GTX $939
Radeon X1950XT $279
2-Nvidia 8800GTS $870
Radeon 2900XT $397
2-nvidia 9800GTX $320
BFG GTX 280 OCX $450
ToTal $8,827
This makes me sick when I add all of them up and I have spent nearly $9,000 just on video cards.I could have bought me a cheap car ,since the last car I bought new was $10,000.I would hate to add up all the proccessor's I bought not includeing all the memory I have bought plus Harddrives,CD and DVD burners,Speakers, keyboards and mice,steering wheels,Power supplies,sound cards,Monitors and PC cases. I am sure it would be close to $20,000.Man thats a lot of money ,I wish I had it all back so I could build the ultimate computer now.
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