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Default Re: Radeons kick butt in Warhammer Online!

PROBABLY. just enter this thread to add G92 has 96 texturing unit , 64 for GTX2xx , and only 48 for 4850/ i have read somewhere ATI texture unit are a bit inferiour , in term of feature than nvidia counterpart. matter of FP32 stuff etc ...
i clearly see with armed assault (Heavily texture limited game) my 8800gts2 is superior at my 4850 and probably too my 4870. going 1x to 16x sample make fps divided per 2 . yes you heard well . but arma is heavily textured. all is texture on ground. leaf , grass , plant etc . a large set of them to filter.

is there a time trial demo of war ? i would like to test this game if possible. i'm still waiting patch for age of conan , and server merging , because world are nt enough populated .
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