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Default Re: That's enough ATI

BFG 260GTX OC2 MaXcore
The card installed perfectly, drivers went in withiout issue, I didn't bother with all kinds of testing I went straight too Fallout3. The game autoset itself to "high" with played butter smooth and completely stable. After diner, I loaded up RivaTurner bumped the clocks alittle to 650/2150 and set Fallout3 to "Ultra" settings, 1920x1200, 4xAA\8xAF...played a few more hours the game remained smooth and stable.
Over time I'll get to more testing, PhysX the usual benchies etc....I'm aware one game is hardly definative, but based on FO3 I'm very happy. It is the performance I remember and how I expect games to run.....visuals crancked up with smooth consistant frame rates. The 4870(in this system) was always iffy, some areas it was ok, others it would tank, just about every game I played on the Radeon was like this worse in the "latest" games, Far Cry2 played so bad it was the finally straw. I returned FC2 to the store so I have no copy to test with, but I am getting a free version with this BFG card, I can't wait to see how it runs on this 260 vs. the 4870.

Zer0....I experienced alot of "micro-stuttering" in games running the 4870 it would make me crazy, I could do little else to fix it but turn down settings.
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