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Default Re: That's enough ATI

I used radeons since the Radeon 32 but ever since the 3xxx generation ATI left a bad taste in my mouth. I upgraded to a 3870(I think that was the model, forget lol) back in march and it was a dog. My old x800xt agp system that I had just retired smoked it. The FPS were all over the place(well mostly low and lower) and couldn't even play The Witcher. So I for the first time since the orginal geforce 256(radeon 32 era but stuck with the Radeon) decided to try NV again. The 8800 GTS g92 sluaghtered the 3870. Drivers were much better and the NV card just had power.

So I was itching to upgrade again these last couple of weeks and knowing that this generation of cards were so close one couldn't go wrong with either. I was kinda leaning towards the Radeon but after reading at various forums about the CCC, micro stuttering, AA not working in titles and other problems like over heating swayed me to stay with NV. Glad I did as I have no issues with the GTX 260(core192).

Also, imo,

GTX 260(core192) @ $199 > then the 4870 1gb @ $269
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