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Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
I had 2 HD4870s die on me. The last one actually OC'd to 900 Mhz core. When the second one died I went back to Nvidia too 192 shader GTX 260. Overclocked to 756core, 1566 shader and 1242 ram. The GTX 260 SMOKES the hd4870 @ 900. Sorry boys but from someone with first hand experience the GTX 260 is a killer card, great overclocker. The HD4870 512MB I had were never smooth with AA on @ 1680, at the time there weren't any 1GB versions. I've never looked back.

You will enjoy your GTX 260 much more, trust me

Damn dude, thats a great OC you got there. That certainly has you up there in the GTX 280 league on stats. Post a pic of GPU-Z if you can.

My BFG core 192 won't let me go higher then 730 on the core using the evga precision tool for whatever reason. If I set it higher it just reverts back. I haven't had time to tweak my new card out yet but I have gone to 702/1458/1203 and made it trough 3D 06' with no visable artifacting. I know though I can't get above 1500 on shader as I tried and got corruption . TBH though I just go back to eVGA FTW speeds and call it good

Also your experience isn't unheard of. I see these stories a lot over at R3D. People going with the 4870's becasue on paper they're beating 260's but in real world it seems like a lot of peolpe are having issues with them. So they try the 260 out and with most don't look back after they do.
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